Why You Should Participate in the Open

First of all…what’s the Open?

The “Open” is a sequence of 5 workouts released weekly by starting Thursday, October 10th. One workout is released per week – and just like a normal day at CFRA – there will be three ‘divisions’ to choose from. The CrossFit Open used to qualify athletes for Regionals, but the rules have changed since last year, but they don’t really apply to us…so let me tell you what the Open means at RA.


In the words of Dennis Cole, “This is one of the funnest times of the year.” CFRA will be the place to hang out on Friday Nights (and this time around some Saturday mornings, keep reading for more details). Each week we will have a ‘theme’ and a potluck.

After we crush the workout we will hang out, enjoy conversation, food, some drinky drinks & may even toss in the Cupid Shuffle (don’t worry, if you don’t know the Cupid Shuffle, Cruise Director Dorrian will lead us!) If you’re new, we promise you that you’ll have a great time, make new friends and learn who we really are. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with F and ends with U-N.

Challenge Yo’ Self!

The Open workouts will challenge you in the best ways. Speaking from a coaches perspective, one of our favorite things to witness in the gym is an athlete accomplish something they didn’t know was possible for them. Or do something they’ve never done. This will probably happen during an Open workout. Like achieving that first pull-up or hitting a personal record on your squat clean. We are all here to celebrate with you. You have a reallllly good chance of making yourself proud in the Open. You’ll challenge yourself in ways you don’t normally do and for that, you will be better.


You’ll Discover What Needs Work

Like I stated above, you will make yourself proud, but that comes with getting uncomfortable. I don’t know who said it, but they knew what they were talkin’ ’bout when they said ‘getting out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens’. The Open workouts will help you realize what needs extra attention. And hopefully, you’ll work on those things after the Open ;-)!


Giving Back & Halloween All In the Same Month

Since the Open is happening in October, we are going to incorporate our favorite October events into the mix. Barbells for Boobs and Halloween! The second week of the Open, October 12th, will be our 4th annual Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser.

This is an awesome opportunity to raise funds for our favorite Breast Cancer organization. We have been state champs every year, let’s make it happen again!  The third week of the Open, October 25th, will be our Adult Halloween Celebration, grab your partner or buddy and dress up as your favorite dynamic duo! Then, the next day, we will have our annual kid’s Halloween Party. Dennis will be creating his famous maze again, so bring the kids in to trunk or treat, enjoy some pizza and have fun in the maze!



Ok, I’m in! Where do I sign-up?

Whoooooo! No need to sign-up anywhere, just pay close attention to the announcements each week leading up to the Open workouts. The first week of Open Activities will happen on Friday Night, October 12th – and it will be MEN VS. WOMEN! BYOB Friday night and a dish to pass. If you’re a man,  bring a main dish or dessert and if you’re a lady bring an appetizer or side dish. Dennis said the cuisine is ‘chicken’. (
I’m a little concerned about chicken desserts.)


We also e-mailed out a breakdown of each week’s theme/event. As always, if you have any questions – hit up one of your coaches!


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