Member Spotlight–Meet Megan!

A success story you won’t want to miss!


I have been overweight my entire life. At my heaviest I weighed over 320 lbs.   I would diet, maybe exercise, lose some weight, and then promptly gain it all back plus some.


In 2012 I became a divorced, single mother of two. I had hypertension and was told I’d have to be on blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life. In early 2014, I decided I needed to make a change. I was tired of opting out of adventures with my kids because physically I couldn’t participate or keep up. I realized that of the many things in my life that were out of my control, my health was actually not one of them.


Somewhere along the way I had also become friends with a certain Danyel (and Dave) Brown. In March of 2014 I bought a Groupon for a MedSpa diet thingy. I lost close to 20 lbs. over the next 2 months. That small success was the beginning of my journey. Somehow Danyel and Dave talked me into doing CrossFit with them in their garage. CrossFit? In a garage during mid-summer in Vegas? Why not? Let me tell you it was not pretty!

During that time I found a new diet plan as well. In August of 2014 I got talked into, I mean, I was one of the first 5 people to join this new gym called CrossFit Raw Appeal. I was SO scared! Seriously! It’s one thing to feel inadequate among friends in a garage. It’s totally another to show up and attempt to work out in front of total strangers!



For the next 2 years I continued to work out at RA, as well as continued to diet, switching from one diet to another after I’d burn out. I’d also participated in a few cha


llenges at the gym as well, including the first Paleo Challenge, in which I won 1st place for greatest weight loss for the women.

To date I have lost 120 lbs. and continue to work really hard every day at staying healthy. I also no longer need blood pressure medicine. I can honestly say that without the support of my family and friends, as well as my CrossFit RA family, I think it would have been a lot harder to accomplish what I have achieved here at the gym and in other areas of my life. The best part is that it took that one first small step to get it all started.


Thank you!



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