DVB-WOD in Memory of Dave Vanbuskirk, Local Hero

Hero WOD

In CrossFit, we routinely honor our fallen heroes–those CrossFitters that are killed in the line of duty, whether it be military, first responder or other line of work that puts them in harm’s way defending our liberties.  One such man, Dave Vanbuskirk, is a local hero–and a man whose several of our members knew well.  In August 2016, CrossFit created the Hero WOD “DVB” in his honor and our gym honored his memory through this workout just a few weeks later.  Below are pictures from that event.

We are doing “DVB” again on July 22, 2017 during the 10:30 am class for any who are interested. We do these workouts as a THANK YOU to the men and women who defend us; to HONOR their memory; and to REMEMBER them and their ultimate sacrifice.

Dave Vanbuskirk–Click on the picture to watch a video tribute.



For time:
Run 1 mile with a 20-lb. medicine ball
Then, 8 rounds of:
10 wall-ball shots
1 rope ascent
Run 800 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball
Then, 4 rounds of:
10 wall-ball shots
1 rope ascent
Run 400 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball
Then, 2 rounds of:
10 wall-ball shots
1 rope ascent


Officer David Vanbuskirk, 36, of Henderson, Nevada, was killed on July 22, 2013, when he fell during a nighttime aerial rescue mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vanbuskirk had been employed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 1999 and joined the elite Search and Rescue Team in 2007.

Vanbuskirk is survived by his wife, Adriana; sister, Jenny; and mother, Pat. He is preceded in death by his father, Red; and brother; Michael.

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