CrossFit RA does the Spartan Race

CrossFit challenges you!

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—inside the gym and out!  Recently, more than 10 of our athletes challenged themselves during the Las Vegas Super Spartan Race 2016. Many would have never signed-up had they not received encouragement from others—sometimes you don’t know just how strong you have become until someone else points it out.  Every single person finished the 10+ mile course of obstacles, including movements we practice here at CFRA, including those not-so-scary rope climbs. Completing the Spartan Race as a team is a direct reflection of why CrossFit works on so many levels and why it may work for YOU. Here’s why:

  1. Family. Just because we don’t share the same DNA, doesn’t mean we don’t call each other family. Through the toughest workouts, baby showers, moving homes (we know only TRUE friends help you move, let’s be real), birthday parties, lunch dates, volunteering events, and more, we continue to grow our family doing things inside and outside the gym. Every single one of us started at CFRA the same way. We each walked in as a nervous stranger, completed a brutal workout and decided we were crazy enough to come back for more. Many of us are ‘transplants’ to Las Vegas, coming from different backgrounds, in search of “home” and have been extremely lucky to find a family at CrossFit RA.
  2. New adventures. Take the Spartan Race for example. As I mentioned earlier, many who completed the Spartan Race would have never signed up without the inspiration from their CrossFit Raw Appeal friends, but also the intrinsic motivation that CrossFit plants in them. Sure, we love CrossFit!—Okay, some may argue we are obsessed, complete with that Kool-Aid drinking lip stain, but we call it passionate—but we know there is more to fitness than just CrossFit. Greg Glassman created this all-encompassing fitness powerhouse specifically to encourage people to challenge themselves with real work—to take the skills learned and use them in everyday life and other fitness challenges.
  3. Fine tuning your body and mind. I could speak on this for days, but I know neither of us have time for that right now. Here at CrossFit RA we don’t only program a workout for you, but we also educate our members on the importance of what’s in the kitchen. The workouts and healthy eating will fine tune the body….and the mind. I will admit that every single CrossFit workout I’ve done in the past three years has been a challenge. Some hit more physically and others were more mentally challenging. Your mind may want to give out before your body is ready, but you will soon learn that you are more capable than you imagined. The variety of workouts will train your mind to push yourself beyond your limits. I once read, “Mental toughness is when you can find fuel in an empty tank.” –Unknown. CrossFit will enable your mind and body to conquer workouts that leave you exhausted in just 7 minutes all the way through to tackling your first 10-mile obstacle courses and so much more.

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