You see it on social media: #fitfam, #crossfitfam and probably hear that CrossFit is all about the ‘community’. How annoying. Wait… scratch that. How INCREDIBLE. How incredible is it to call people family that don’t share your DNA? That’s real! Really real. (Refer to #1 in the CFRA does the Spartan Race blog.) Holly, (the pretty lady featured in this post) is FAMILY to each of us at CFRA and it doesn’t go unrecognized – as you can see. She is the epitome of #CrossFitFam. In the picture you see her feeding one of our member’s 2 1/2 month old (adorable) baby while the mama is able to squeeze in a workout for the only free hour she has that day.

If the paparazzi followed Holly around you would also find her house-sitting, dog-sitting, cheering during a WOD, giving hugs and/or ensuring everyone has a cold one in their hand at our get togethers. And much more. She’s totally selfless and adored for that. We love you, Holly, a lot!

Come find your #crossfitfam and community with us! Check us out here. Vegas locals are welcome to come check us out for a free week.



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