size really does matter

Don’t let them tell you any different

CrossFit RA (otherwise known as CrossFit Raw Appeal) is a state-of-the-art CrossFit gym located off of I-95 and Craig Road, located in the northwest area of Las Vegas.

At over 8,600 square foot, our gym is among the largest CrossFit gyms in Las Vegas and Henderson areas combined (click for a virtual tour). Once you walk through our doors, you will instantly see and feel the CrossFit RA difference. We have expansive, floor to ceiling windows running half the gym length. CrossFit RA offers an endless supply of natural lighting to boost your mood in preparation for a kick butt work out. And because of our expansive gym size, you’ll never have to deal with that claustrophobic feeling you might have experienced in those smaller gym environments.

  • Indoor Running Track
  • Custom Designed Pull-Up & Squat Rig
  • Highest Quality Equipment
  • Over 8,600 sq. ft. of naturally lit space
  • Kids Play Area
  • Wodify® Personal Tracking

Our facility is clean, friendly and above all, staffed with top notch athletes who are excited to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be!

our members mean everything

come experience what we mean first hand

Our gym is all about our Members — beginners and elites alike. Our focus it to make sure each and every CrossFit RA member has a great experience and can workout at their appropriate skill level. We have fun, encourage our members to do better, and take great pride in helping them achieve their goals. Visit our Schedule Page for additional information about what programs we offer and how we have tailored our programs to meet all of our Members’ needs.

We use Wodify

Tracking your fitness goals has never been easier

Wodify is a premium, CrossFit digital whiteboard system that allows members to register for classes, record WOD results and track performance via their smart phone or desktop computer.  Wodify technology doesn’t just record performance metrics, it also allows members to track their diets and remembers strength and metcon benchmarks. Ranking each class in real time Leaderboard fashion, performances can be checked throughout the day from every member’s computer or mobile phones.

Using Wodify to Amplify Your CrossFit RA Experience:

  1. Register for class via your smart phone or at the keyboard kiosk during class check in at the gym
  2. Wodify gives you a goal to meet and beat by tracking past strength and benchmark metcon performances you have done
  3. After you complete the WOD, simply enter your results for both strength and metcon categories
  4. Share results with other box members, view other athlete results and more

Wodify will highlight your Personal Records (PRs) with digital ribbons next to your name on on the Classroom Digital Whiteboard. And, just so you know, those hard earned golds will also be seen by other athletes who check in to view Leaderboard results of the day! If that doesn’t motivate, nothing will.


Top 10 reasons to try crossfit

Outside the ability to talk in acronyms regularly...

#1 Fun

Crossfit is like “recess for adults.” Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon or early morning recess? What better way to blow off steam or re-energize could there be?

#2 Community

CrossFit is a great way to meet passionate, fun-spirited and interesting people. It’s common to do a Saturday workout and hang around for a bit - firing up the grill.

#3 Results

CrossFit is about measurable progress. Our state-of-the-art Wodify APP allows you to easily track your progress on the fly in real time from your smartphone.

#4 Surprise Yourself

Great results will come from the ability to surprise yourself. You will do things you didn’t know you could do, or ever dream possible! It’s an amazing feeling.

#5 Lifestyle Changes

CrossFit is a great way to meet passionate, fun spirited and interesting people. It’s common to do a Saturday workout and hang around for a bit - firing up the grill.

#6 Cheaper Than Therapy

Ever had a bad day? Nothing feels better than a little one-on-one time with a barbell and then crushing a Metcon along side your new gym friends.

#7 Increased Energy

Everyone knows that ‘working out” gives you energy. Now imagine combining the increased energy with the seeing results and new friends you’ll make.

#8 Accomplish More

Once you are a “CrossFitter” your whole lifestyle will change. Tasks will come easier, whipping up highly nutritious meals will be second nature and more!

#9 Look Better Naked

We feel this is pretty self explanatory...

#10 –Your Trainers

yep you heard right...

Every CrossFit RA class is led by a certified CrossFit instructor. Our Trainers make sure you maintain proper form, offer modifications based on your fitness level, and provide ongoing moral support to get you to perform the best workout possible.

Dennis Cole


Lisa Cole


Chad Nelson


Lindsay Wagner

trainer & gym manager

Dorrian White


Coach Eli is the reason I took the leap and started CrossFit. She made me believe in myself like I've never done before.

- Mary
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