CrossFit in High Schools–CCSD leading the way

Childhood obesity is a very real problem affecting children at younger and younger ages every year. Diets focused on eliminating fats have led people away from the real culprit in so many health-related issues–sugar. Alzheimer’s has even been categorized as Type III diabetes. Diet is always the most important factor in living a healthy lifestyle, and simply eliminating 80% of the sugar from your diet can make a HUGE difference. But, there is also the sedentary nature of our lives these days that is a part of the issue, and when we teach our kids to stop moving, it makes the next generation that much worse off. Clark County School District is helping to combat this issue in a unique way, and recently posted this YouTube video on their CrossFit programs–being part of solution and creating a roadmap for other school districts to follow–Great Job CCSD!!!

CrossFit RA was proud to support Rancho CrossFit in their Friday Night Lights event this year–you can see our booth in the CrossFit video! Michelle Van Buren and her program set the stage for something truly GREAT! And the grant program developed by the District has made the difference–giving the schools financial resources to bring CrossFit into their programs. Several of the local magnet schools and career/technical academies also have CrossFit in their facilities–both actual phys ed classes for credit, and clubs after school. WCTA even does a summer class every day to keep the kids engaged–they truly love it! And the quality of coaching is superb in these programs–we had the privilege of hosting WCTA’s 38 students for the 1st Open event in 2016–YES… you read that right–they had 38 kids participate in the Open–it was truly inspiring to see them push hard and compete. And the students’ technique was amazing–they teach these kids great form, and the kids bring such enviable intensity! Hands down one of the best examples of how CrossFit has the power to change lives!

CrossFit RA offers both regular classes and intro classes, where children as young as 14 can join in–we have our On Ramp course to teach the basic CrossFit movements and give teenagers the tools they need to move efficiently and safely. Call today to get started!

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