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Cross Fit Raw Appeal offers a variety of membership options, which will include some or all of the basic class types shown below. All workouts can be scaled, and all movements can be modified to fit your starting fitness level.

Workout Modifications

What does this mean? Essentially, any workout or movement can be adjusted as needed based on an individual athlete’s abilities and skill level. Workout modifications will ensure that you utilize the same muscle groups necessary to help you to build the strength and agility you will need to achieve the RX’d moves you may have seen on televised competition events. Weight amounts are based on your ability and the Coach’s goals for the overall Workout Of The Day (WOD).

Workouts are focused on different aspects necessary to achieve overall fitness:

  • aerobic
  • anaerobic
  • technique development
  • agility
  • speed
  • and more

Your Coach will help you to determine an appropriate weight amount or modification that will fit your abilities, while still allowing you to focus on that WOD’s focus aspect.

For example, if the Workout Of The Day (WOD) calls for bar muscle ups and you don’t have the ability to achieve that move just yet, there will be several options to choose from. From regular muscle ups to pull ups to ring rows, there will always be an alternative move you CAN perform. This type of adaptation ensures that you are working out along with the other members of varied fitness levels, performing the same Workout Of The Day (WOD) at the same time. Now if that isn’t a great way to keep the motivation train rolling, then nothing is!

New Athletes

Congrats on making such a great decision–achieving your fitness goals begins with that first step.

If you are brand new to CrossFit, you can always try out the Intro to CrossFit classes first to see how it all works.  When you’re ready to join regular workouts, we will schedule you for On Ramp–our personal training program consisting of 4 classes to introduce you to all the movements we do in WODs.  As part of that process, we will complete the New Athlete Assessment. This process includes a one-on-one and discussion of your goals and prior experience and you will complete a short workout.

Rx+, Rx and Intro Workouts

All the workouts are programmed by Dennis Cole, gym owner and 4-Time CrossFit Games Athlete (Masters Men 50-54, 2015 and 2012; Masters 55-59, 2016 and 2017).

Each class will bring a particular focus to it—agility, strength, speed, endurance, etc. Movements will be varied each day, with the goal to be a well-rounded week of workouts. Movements will include kettle bell swings, push ups, pull ups, running, wall ball shots, lunges (with or without weight), box jumps, and other typical CrossFit moves.

Many WODs will incorporate one or more of the Barbell and Olympic Weightlifting movements taught through a variety of instructional methods, including dead lifts, power cleans, snatches, shoulder to overhead, and thrusters. WODs will include recommended modifications/scaling for Rx+, Rx and Intro athletes, depending on the movements. Coaches also will walk through each movement with the class, including a demonstration, to refresh everyone’s memory.

The beauty of scaling is that every athlete, regardless of experience, is participating at the same time and achieving their own individual goals at the same time!

Rx Athletes

Rx athletes have been CrossFitting for a while and are able to perform all weightlifting movements in a safe, efficient manner.  Rx athlete weights and skill modifications are provided each day to challenge these CrossFitters, while still maintaining an appropriate level of scaling. Goals are achieved faster with patience and steady progress, as opposed to trying to lift too heavy a weight and not performing movements correctly. Rx, Rx+ and Intro athletes are working out side by side, each achieving the desired result of a great workout and moving toward those individual goals.

Rx+ Athletes

Rx+ athletes are typically the more competitive ones, who have a solid CrossFit background.  Athlete can demonstrate movement proficiency and heavier weights are safely used. Depending upon the workout, many athletes are able to achieve the Rx+ level WOD by WOD, allowing for individual tailoring to meet your goals. For instance, an athlete may not be able to perform a workout with a 95-pound barbell if the movement is a Snatch, but if it’s a Power Clean, they can. This athlete would perform at the Rx level one day, and Rx+ the next. All classes contain a mixed group of Rx+, Rx and Intro athletes.

Intro Athletes

Intro Athletes are brand new to CrossFit and have not gone through our On Ramp program yet. These athletes are learning the way CrossFit workouts are programmed and working out alongside Rx and Rx+ athletes, developing friendships and learning to love high-intensity fitness! Intro athletes will use PVC pipes, or in some cases, practice bars, instead of barbells to keep the weights very light. Movements may be modified to provide a better workout result; however, all athletes are in the same classes. During the athlete’s first month of Intro, they will go through On Ramp so that they can use those barbells safely, and really find out what CrossFit is all about.

learn the crossfit movements

We offer our four-class On Ramp program to instruct new athletes in the typical CrossFit barbell movements, including deadlift, clean, jerk, thruster, snatch, etc.

On Ramp is scheduled to meet your needs, and athletes are encouraged to get all four done within a week or two.  The sessions build upon each other, yielding a first-class instruction in all things CrossFit. We also cover a few etiquette items, give a gym tour, discuss goals, and really introduce you to this wonderful world of fitness.

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions can be scheduled with one of our qualified CrossFit Coaches on an as-needed basis for any movement you need assistance with.

Skills Clinics

Throughout the year, we will hold many skills clinics where you can learn or fine-tune some of the more skills-based movements we do in CrossFit. These skills may include muscle ups, ring dips, handstand push ups, double unders, pistols, etc. Our goal is to meet your needs, as you determine them.

Open Gym

For our full-time members, we offer several hours throughout the week where you can come into the gym during non-class times and work on technique or do additional workouts. Personal Training Sessions can be scheduled during these times as well! Open Gym is a perfect time for those with goals of competing to get that extra time on the barbell! Sunday’s Open Gym is also a way to make up any WODs you may have missed during the previous wee

In-Class Instruction

In-Class Instruction occurs during CrossFit classes where a barbell movement will be performed that day. Each WOD is different and allows for more or less time to go through the movements, but every class will have some instruction. Many times, our trainers will provide specific tips on movement technique to focus on during the workout so that each day you can hone your skills. Trainers will also come through the class during the WOD to ensure each athlete is performing the movements safely, even when fatigued.

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